What is a cheap priced yoyo in your mind?



(Owen) #3



Less than $60


Pretty much. Less than 65-70 for a metal.


Depends what your connotation of cheap refers to.

If you mean “cheap” as in: inexpensive, then there’s many under $20 that are cheap.

If you mean “Cheap” as in: not a quality product, I could name a few, but I won’t. I haven’t gotten anything this kind of “cheap” at YYE.

If you mean “cheap” as not only inexpensive, but also a very good value, then it depends on the individual’s experience and interpretation. Yoyos costing more than $X could be considered cheap if their performance is felt to exceed the retail cost of the yoyo. Many people consider the DiBase to be a yoyo in this category. I also feel the Freq. Wave is in this category as well.

I prefer terms such as “value” or “affordable” or “cost effective”. But, I’ll gladly go for a cheap plastic yoyo like the Classic, because it’s so affordable, it provides tremendous value, and due to it’s upgrade options, makes it a very cost effective yoyo that is sure to please players from beginner to professional.


A cheap priced yoyo in my opinion is less than 30$ When I got my rextreme I thought I was over spending haha


Less than 50$


Under $30


Anything under $80 if it’s over 100 I figure I can buy that Yoyo when I have the cash for it!


Less than $60 on metals and under $15 for plastics


Something like the C3 Token. $28 for an unresponsive metal anodized yoyo. Price does not matter as much as the value. You could spend twice as much buying a Something V (plastic) than the Token, for example.


In the “I can add this to an order because it doesn’t change my finances” sense of the word, anything under $20 is “cheap”. I can go ahead and throw a Classic or a PSG to an order just out of curiosity, without even caring about reviews. “Meh, I’m already ordering something. Let’s see how this Classic plays.”

The exception is the previously-mentioned Token. $28 and I would still call it “cheap”.

But that’s a slippery slope that I just stepped out on because now we’re having a “bang for the buck” conversation instead of a straight-up “cheap!” conversation. And anything less than $20 is cheap. Less than $10 is nutty.


It’s like 15 for me.

(SR) #15

Around $35


Anything under $25. The low end YYJ models like the Journey or the Duncan FHZ come to mind.


10 under