Cheap yo-yos fs

just trying to rid of these cuz they just sit on my self, all are in mint or near mint condition

shaqler north star as one small scuff that it $5

mvp3 has 2 small scratches nothing else $10

b grade $ czéch point mint $8

shipping is $8 the nearest post office is 30 minutes away that’s why it’s higher


Yo west!
I am interested in getting the one on the left. Just to let you know!

I might also get the northstar

Also let me know if you have any other yoyos you need to get rid of

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I do have some other but there a little more expensive

Just send some pics of them please

this was the only one I could find rn

Which one is that? Can I have some more pics?

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hey man been super busy lately that’s why I’m just now replying, it’s a good life yoyo called the Pharos, it’s i’m super good condition only 2-3 tiny tiny scratches, I’d be willing to part with it for like $45

Can u sign it too please? I’d be willing to pay extra


no extra charge man :joy: I do appreciate it though! if you want I can have it out tomorrow


do you still want to buy it ?

Yes please! I can send you my dads PayPal today.

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sure also send me ur address so ik where to send it, my pay pal is

(post deleted by author)

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just got it! I’ll have it out tomorrow, could ya’ll please send 8$ for shipping, I got $45 which covers the yoyo, also you only put your street number and road name please put the state as well as zip code other wise I don’t know where to send it to :sweat_smile:

yall should bring this to dms, having this info in a public place is pretty bad for safety reasons


Shoot thanks I thought it was already a dm

Yeh I’ll send u the 8