chat rooms.

OK after tonight’s chat i notice i was a little bit of a havoc. can you make it where there is separate chat rooms to go to with a friend. kinda like a private chat. when your in chat just click on the person that you would like to go to one with and click PRIVATE CHAT. then you go to a separate room. and also have a box with all the privet chats going on and who’s in them and ask if they can join. By the way if nobody likes this idea just forget it . later and remember keep it spinning.

I like it. :slight_smile:

Well,I think this is good idea :wink:

I agree also but the chat rooms should be avalible to all members so like chat rooms A,B,C,D,F,and G and chat A,B,and C are members only and then you can say for example, “yoyoguy meet me in chat room A,” and anyone else that enters has to talk about whatever you’re talking about or the 1st person that shows up can kick anyone they want off the chat room. And there should be 1 room that everyone has access to (even non-members)

Good idea Tiki-rex, thanks for using me as an example! :wink:

no probs

sounds good. if you read this yoyoexpert what do you thank? later and remember keep it spinning.

ok i get it so you need help on a tick.

I think theres a way where you can message people on there.

Well michael if you find out then tell us

No problem, its like a secret between you and your friend.

I figured out how to make another room and send private messages on there. Either PM me to find out or wait until next chat night.