Chase Baxter vs. Josh Yee vs. Robbie Graham Battle (5A)

My thoughts exactly.

I voted for Chase because I liked his style.
Joshes was very entertaining and flashy, I just didn’t relate to the style.

You guys all seriously killed it though. Crazy skill.

I voted for Robbie’s because I liked his best overall. Josh was a close second, that tower/gt thing was way cool.

Voted for Chase. Just love the chilled flow of his video. And that slack GT out of nowhere was pretty sweet.


Robbie’s style style is so clean.

Tier 1 clean

I gotta go with Haru for this one.

His seemed cleaner and faster, and he continued moreso with his trcks smoothly even when the counterweight is released.

Robbie came in second, hes just awesome

Voted for Big Ryota

I had the same issue,but then I voted for…

He is currently sponsored by MadHouse. I also love his 1A and 5A, vote going too josh! Robbie was really good too  ;D

While Josh’s was blazingly fast, and the GT was cool, Robbie’s was cleaner, smoother, more innovative, and more fun to watch.

Josh all day. The only video with something I’ve never seen before. The other two were long and boring.

Josh. They were all really good, though. Really impressive to me especially because 5a hasn’t clicked for me yet and I can’t even DREAM of doing some of that stuff! :slight_smile:

As much as I liked chases and Robbie’s I had to go with josh, all of them were great though

Unrelated: I want to see Josh’s fixed-axle. :wink:

I got/am getting my butt kicked.




Ah, and here I thought it was just a humorous necro. This’ll be good!


Really liking how 5a performances look but can’t get into the flow myself.