Challenge for all of you guys!

I want to see you guys try to make something with a Imperial and butterfly! People ridicule these so try to show the true beauty of these yo-yos! Post them here!

Yeah I don’t have either one of them.

That’s too easy.

If it’s so easy then why don’t you do it?


Here you go:

I was lazy, so I didn’t put in that much effort. Could’ve been better, but i need to sleep. Haha I forgot to blur the butterfly, but I’m too lazy to do it now.

No, it’s great! The blinding red from the background compliments the blinding red from the butterfly. The butterfly being the center is also a good touch.

Woah! Rsmod that is amazing!

Give it up for the OG


jm. that is awesome. especially the respect your elder part

I think you have politely owned.

Haha Awesome, Very original picture idea ;D Never would have thought of that, good job on the “Respect Your Elders” part :smiley:

Respect your elders! Laugh out loud on that one! None Abbreviations necessary! That’s gonna be my Wallpaper!

I don’t have an Imperial, but I do have a Butterfly! Enjoy!

Shoot, I forgot to add in a caption. Oh well. It still turned out better than I thought it would. ;D

Woah! That is awesome! You need to make your own topic and put all your pictures up in there!

Pretty sick guys.

JM, what software do you use again because I’m gonna make a cool Advertisement/banner thing for Worlds.

I’m pretty sure he uses Photoshop.

JM uses Illustrator to make a good canvas and then he uses Photoshop (correct if needed JM)

Yep. I have been using InDesign quite a bit lately as well. Really all you need it Photoshop. Heck still isnt bad.