Ceramic Center Trac Ult. Bearing -yo trick vs Dif-e-yo Konkave vs YYF Center Tra

Are these all three different bearings? Is the one from yo tricks the same as either the Dif-e-yo or the YYF Center Trak from NSK? I’m wondering if yotyricks.com is selling the same bearing or if it’s a different one.

I know that kk bearings are different than center tracks. Not sure about the third one.

yes, they are all different, built to specific specs and tolerances set by the creator. Each one “spins gud” and you would likely never be able to tell one from another without looking at it first. But there may be slight sound differences, its really a minute thing. Spin times are boring after a minute or so, and they all do that without batting an eye when clean.

That being said, NSKs are my favorite of the bunch. I do feel like Pixels should be in the running as well.

There are alot of String centering bearings that have the same outside shape. Dif-E-Yo is the legit listened one, the others are clones and imitations of Frank’s design. Center Trac is the name given the the other generic but same shaped one. They will be found in both 8 and 10 ball.