Ceramic Bearings

I have recently acquired an expensive G2 Ceramic Bearing.

Problem is, it plays like if it was a cheap 2$ bearing.
Can barely get 40 secondes spin time…

What can I do to solve this problem?

Swap another bearing into the same Yoyo and see if it performs the same. If it does it’s probably not the bearing. If it performs better then try cleaning your new bearing and trying it again.

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The problem comes from the ceramic bearing.
How can I clean it?
I only have YYF Lube!


And don’t lube it when you’re done.

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… especially if you are going for max spin time!

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Thanks for the help brothers, will try one of those methods whenever I’m free!

Mine got stuck on a Specticle bearing post, then shattered when I was trying to remove it. :cry: