Center track bearing

How is the ct bearing that comes with the Ann Connelly whip? I have yet to throw a yo with a ct and I’m very curious about it. Any info or comments about them?

They are nice for sleep time and keeping the string centered.

I love my whip! I got the Ann connolley one at worlds this year and it actually plays very very well.

I love my centertrack bearing, It’s currently in my C3 Token, and it’s awesome. Thought it depends on the yoyo, some yoyos do better with konkave, some with trifecta, some with CT, and some with flat. I’d say it’s worth buying.

I feel that centertracs play most like a flat bearing while still giving the function of string centering.
The concave bearings I’ve tried seemed to change the play “feel” of a yoyo while centertracs did not.

I just played it for the first time and I must say it was nice. I also feel like it played similar to a flat but the string was more centered than usual. I used it on the whip it came with but I think I’m gunna throw it in my dv888 and ill let that be the judge of wether or not I’m totally convinced lol