center trac installed (shutter)

Which shutter available now has the center trac installed I heard it’s the razor engraved? Hunters or USA? Please inform me.

When you choose the different options on the product page it will say whether it’s got the center trac bearing or not.

the “razor engraving” refers to the logo being in the shape of a circular saw. Those have a CT. Based on the pics, The hunters have CTs as do the new splash designs. Looks like pretty much only the old solid color ones have flats now.

i have terrible experiences with ct bearings. two of them locked up

I’ve never had one lock up on me, but they are loud.

Ok thanks guys

That’s cause yall rarely lube your bearings!!!

I lubed the bearing and it suddenly locked up

My experience has been if the CT bearing is loud that means its gonna lock up. They should be quiet. I just had one lock up on me after a few hours of play on my new Shu-Ta. Now that I switched to a 10-ball it is smooth and quiet.