Catchy Air Kendama vs wooden

Hey theres!

I got the catchy in the mystery box and have been playing with it a lot (addictive things them).

How similar do they play to wooden kendama? Size? Weight?

I’m asking because I am looking to get my dad and brother both their own kendama for xmas, which will be wooden… and I’ve only played this plastic one.

I may end up buying myself a wooden one too…haha

This site/forum is dangerous… addictive toys…plus cool community…plus store with said addictive toys…dang

The Catchy Air is a surprisingly good kendama for a plastic. Since you already have that I would recommend getting one or two of the different wooden kendamas to see whats out there. Kendamas are a lot like yo-yos in that different shapes/weights/paint finishes will play different so it never hurts to have a few.

If you’re buying one for your dad and one for your brother I would say grab one with rubberized tacky paint (Sweets aTack, KendamaUSA Pro Model, Catchy Street) and one with a clear coat or natural finish (Any that isn’t tacky really, I really like the Natural Ozora).

Hope that helps!


This is the genius of putting a Kendama in the mystery box - some people (like myself) who would have never bought one now have one, and they’re going to give it a try. Those that don’t like it, no big deal. Those that do like it, will go looking for better/different like they do with yo-yos. Win/Win. I never saw the appeal of Kendama, I’m a yo-yo guy through and through but putting one in the box got me to try it, and now I find myself picking it up off my desk every hour or so to try and learn a trick. I still don’t think it’s a hobby for me (at least not comparable to yo-yoing) but it’s a fun distraction.

Now you know I’m going to buy a Catchy Street in my next order :wink:

I ended up going with kendamaco zen. kendamaco is in my state…so that’s cool.

yoyo progress has slowed because of addictive kendama…haha.

I just hope my dad and brother both find some joy in the kendama. we’ll see!


I would say they will like it. I took my kendama to Christmas celebrations and my uncles and brothers couldn’t put it down. Even my 7yo cousin that got all kinds of cool little kid stuff only wanted to play with my kendama lol. Even my girl friend loves it! and she hates me and my skill toys lol. It’s something simple that everyone can find enjoyment in.

Couldn’t agree more, kendamas are just one of those simple fun toys that people of any age can have fun with. If I ever show up to a family gathering without a couple kendamas and a yo-yo I get dirty looks haha.