Caribou Lodge Rares! CLYW Caribou Queen LG Bassalope, Asteroid Chief, Spyy, C3++

For Sale only unless you have a mint/near mint Peak to trade. Selling some more favorites from my collection. Free 1st class shipping, or add $4 for Priority.

CLYW 2nd run Asteroid Chief- Rare heavier run. $150 (near mint with box, one small mark) Sold!

Very rare CLYW Caribou Queen Large Bearing Bassalope (light purple with carribou queen logo, about 4-5 small marks, smooth no vibe, with box) Best $ offer.

CLYW Cotton Candy Wooly Marmot- $85 (mint with box)Pending…

CLYW Gnarwhal- Unique colorway (silver with pink/yellow/green/blue speckles) $100 mint with box. Pending…

CLYW large bearing Bassalope- Custom paint green with pink fade. Finish came off on the inside of one of the cups. Would make a great “beater” Smooth, no vibe. $65 Sold!

Rare Spyy Punchline Repeater- Guy Wright signature model, has “I told myself a joke, and didn’t remember the Punchline” lasered on the inside walls. Yellow. Light scratch and 2 very small dings, smooth. $80Pending…

Spyy Pro- Blue/purple acid wash, near mint. Smooth and great player. $75

General-Yo Torrent II- B/+ grade. Half pink, half gold. Mint and very smooth. $65 Sold!

C3 Trident- Pink/Red. Mint with box, like new. Beautiful throw. $110

C3 Token- Mint/New with box- Green. $25 Sold!