Capt Anxiety's BST Updated 1/9 route 66 + hectic for 68$ shipped!

(G2 Jake) #1

Please send all offers and questions to me through my PM or email (
Also please put the name of the yoyo you are interested in, in the subject line so I can keep organized :stuck_out_tongue:
I will do my best to respond to all offers in a timely manner, usually within 2 hours.
Offer away, I have no specific wants other than the yoyos you offer are smooth and in very good condition. (no beaters please)

If buying please send payments as gift or add 4%
Shipped prices are to the U.S.

Route 66 - few marks the bad one is pictured still plays great! 43$ shipped

MIB Hectic - blue, black 35$ shipped

MTG CARDS- 5$ shipped per set.

I have a big collection i am selling. Each set has 50 cards, no land and atleast 10 rares/mythic rares


pmed you.


how bout a really dinged up yoyofactory g5

(G2 Jake) #12

^ no thanks - see top about smooth and very good condition


(G2 Jake) #36

Trades welcome!

(Mack) #42



ummmm… pm’ed and emailed about the hectic for a G.5

(G2 Jake) #56

i have sent a response to both.


does the gnarwhal have vibe?

(system) #70