Cannot get videos to upload

I just tried twice to upload a video and I cannot do it from my phone I usually have no problem is something going on right now or is it on my end lol




You have to upload the video to something like YouTube or Instagram first, then copy and paste a link to it here; because videos are typically pretty large (data wise). The form isn’t really designed to host videos, but links to external videos work just fine.

If you post the link on a line all by itself, it will automatically one-box the link. It will basically allow you to play a YouTube video directly in whatever topic or post you have it on without leaving the forum.

An Instagram link that is one boxed will basically just show a thumbnail, and when you click on it it will take you directly to that Instagram post.

Instagram is the easiest way, especially if your videos are less than 60 seconds long. If your video is over a minute, YouTube is the next best thing.


Videos are enormous and this is not really a video hosting platform. You will quickly burn through your hosting storage allocation if enough people treat this as a video sharing service…

Upload the videos to a proper video sharing service (YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, etc) and post links here instead.


I have never had to do that in the past and I’ve uploaded quite a few videos thanks for the tip though I might try it that way