Candy Blast?


I am looking into a yoyo with a candy blast. Simply asking here, “What does a candy blast have to offer? Is it smooth to the touch? Grinds? Thumb Grinds?”
Thanks !


It is very smooth and grinds are fabulous. It is offered on ILYY’s. It is one of the best on the markert!!!


The candyblast is a bit rough, but it grinds awesomely!


ILYY’s Candy Blast one of my favorite finishes. It’s not slick like a bead blast, it has more of a dry, gritty feel to it, which actually feels great in the hand. It also provides wonderful, long lasting grinds.


Good to hear. I am about two seconds away from ordering a E1NS


go for it. Ilyy is awesome. The candy blast looks great too.

EDIT: only one issue, E1NS’ on sale now aren’t candy blasted.


The e1ns here are candodized I think