[Canada WTS / WTT] PGMs x 2 (BNIB, Clear, Stackless)


Hey guys, I recently got 2 new Clear Stackless PGMs from YYN (they somehow had 2 in stock).
Thought I would play with them, but I got a Dingo as my main throw so I never did.

So now I’m selling 2 new Clear Stackless PGMs. I opened one of them to take the following pictures (the other one remains brand never opened):

http://thumbnails24.imagebam.com/7305/a4f9c573047154.gif http://thumbnails23.imagebam.com/7305/c0449873046791.gif http://thumbnails7.imagebam.com/7305/00107673046795.gif http://thumbnails22.imagebam.com/7305/bb87a573046797.gif http://thumbnails28.imagebam.com/7305/f7b46d73046798.gif http://thumbnails23.imagebam.com/7305/039da573046800.gif http://thumbnails5.imagebam.com/7305/01f7b573046801.gif http://thumbnails28.imagebam.com/7305/7160c773046802.gif

Asking: $28.5 shipped each
$55 for both shipped

Few things:

  • Paypal only, and offer in USD!
  • Offers from both replies and PMs will be considered!
  • Willing to ship outside Canada and USA, but there may be extra shipping charges.
  • Shipping can probably be cheaper if you buy both.

Trades I’ll consider:

  • Mint Hitman
  • Mint DM
  • Mint XConvict
  • Mint Protostar
  • Mint Stacked PGM
  • Metals
  • Other things? Just offer!


do you like lego starwars


No, I am only looking for offers in cash mainly, yoyos maybe. Sorry!

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PRicess in the post would be helpful, just sayin.
PM me with prices?




Highest offer is retail for both.


name the u.s. price i think mabye $25 shiped for one

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