Can you put synergy caps on a speed maker?


Can you?


Oh, thank you!!!


Lol,just so there isn’t any confusion,I was talking to him in chat and he asked me.


Yea you can. I’m not sure what size but yes you can put syn caps on a speed maker. Actually I think it is size 1 but don’t take my word for it. later.

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I was thinking the opposite,size 3,as the Speed Maker is molded off of the Speeder,the size 3 fits the speeder, as well as the Meteor,which are almost clones of the Speed Maker,just a thought,but I wanted to make sure so Batryn doesn’t get the wrong ones.

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The best way is to pm Andre. From what I see from my Speeder and Speed Maker, the Caps look like they have very different diameters.


Can you try to put the Speeder caps on your Speed Maker?


I know it’s not size three. Speedmaker caps don’t fit a Dark Magic. It only fits in the black part, not the rims. LOL


No, no synergy caps fit speedmaker. Speedmaker caps are the same size as Lyn caps. And Lyn caps are not the same size as hitman. SM Caps are like size 0.75, so you can’t get any synergy caps for it. The caps are really small lol. And no, it’s not molded out of the speeder. Speedmaker and speeders are completely different yoyos with similar shapes. SM’s are smaller than Speeders, and their caps are too.


Correct,I just PMed Andre about it,unfortunantly they don’t.


well if ur ever confused on sizes yyn always has good measurements for that kind of thing side by side comparison.


Can they make some???


I would contact YYJ.