Can you put hubstacks on any yyf yoyo?

Can you put hubstacks on any yyf yoyo? If so how can you , do you just buy a longer axel and a hubstack kit?

Absolutely not.

And it’s not as simple as doing that at all, it requires a very difficult to execute modification that can only be performed on certain YYF yoyos, that should be carried out by someone who really knows what they’re doing. Even then, it can turn out really bad.

So, no.

Alright thanks i saw a thread and someone said to do that so i thought i would ask

Ok so no only yoyos that come with hubstacks or that are made to be used for hubstacking THE only exeption that has sometimes been done im not saying that its easy but recenly there has been hubstacking dv888s i have mine hubstacked right now