Can you identify this trick?

I saw this trick and it looked pretty awsome so I wanna try learning it. Can anyone identify if this is trick is a combination of tricks or is it 1 whole trick? It starts in the protostar video with John Ando and Paul Han. Paul han executes this trick at exactly 3:33 into the video. Please break it down if you know what combos it is.!

There’s not real name for it, it’s just a combo he’s made up. If you really want to learn it you’re gonna have to look at it repeatedly until you get it down.

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Like stated above, just a random combo that paul has made up. You can download the video and slow it down to see what he is doing in detail. Just be glad that he is moving that slow, hehe.

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Is there a special software to slowdown or just Windows Media?

Yeah I made a post for this exact reason…,33168.msg324018/topicseen.html#new