How do you do these tricks?

how do you do these tricks and whats the names??? (if possible please post a tutorial)

at 1:46 and 2:58


You mean Follow?


yah, it’s a follow combo, it’s mickey does that a lot… I think :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you?

…w8, what about the one at 1:46…or is it the same trick?

It is like a Paul Han slack combo,

That is the name Jayyo give but obvioulsy it is John Ando slack combo

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It’s paul’s slack. He even used it in his worlds 2006 routine.

Yeh but what I was implying is that because John Ando was doing it when he asked what trick it was I then went on to say it is a Pauls slack but because Ando was doing it I then said it was Ando,

anyway lots of players will have done this trick and modified it otherwise, if no one changed things up we would still be stuck with rock the baby and walk the dog, however timeless and classy they are!