Can someone explain how to use the cool text features?


As well as can someone explain how the bst works with only having one thread and how to delete it? (as well as replies)



Not sure what you mean by having text features or by how it works with just one thread. YOu make the thread and either bump it or create a new one if the old one no longer applies or you just want to start fresh.

Due to problems only a moderator can delete threads and replies on the BST so you can just change the title of the thread to mods delete or report your own post saying it’s done


no i mean can you show me how to edit this text? when i press for example bold and underline it doesent work


To use the features like bold and underline, first select (highlight) the text you want, then click the bold, underline etc icons.

For the BST, all of your items for sale, and anything you may be looking for need to be in a single thread. You can add to or edit that thread. If you want to start a new BST topic contact a mod to move your old one to the archive section.