I have a few questions because I'm new. Could anyone please help? :)


Alot of times I get someone who says In PM “Have you checked out my bst? Go check it out and see if you like anything”
Problem is I don’t know how to get to their specific bST without going to the BST forum and actually looking for their name on the topics, or having them send me the URL. Could anyone please help me with that? I also don’t know how to find my own bst thread without having to go thru and look in the BST forum itself.

Next question is once I’ve made a thread do I just update and make that my official BsT? Or do I ask the mods to delete it and make a new one?


Hey there, welcome to YYE. :slight_smile:

To find someone’s BST (or yours) click on their username. Scroll down a bit and you will see near the bottom center of the screen a link that says “show the last posts of this person”. Click on that and it’s pretty easy to find. Do the same for yourself by clicking on your username.

You can always ask for your BST to be archived but it’s really just easier if you update it.

Please let me know if I can help with anything else.



Thanks man, I really appreciate the help. I’m excited cause il have 2 feedback count Monday which is when they should be receiving the throws I sold them. I really like this fourm so I’m just wanting to get acquainted with the rules and what not. Thanks for the reply!