can I buy raider spacers?


Is it possible to buy a whole set of replacement spacers for a raider?

I see the pair on YYE, but I want the entire set of 5.


Those are actually the bearing seats. I’m assuming you mean the assortment for the Raider EX. The original Raider only comes w/two. In any event you may have to buy them direct from Yomega, but I only see the original Raider parts listed there as well. I’m guessing they would rather you buy a new Raider EX than buy the assortment to use in an original Raider.


Do you have the Raider or Raider EX?
If It’s EX, PM me your address and i’ll mail you the spacers. I have an extra set.


I’ve got the EX. But the funny thing is that they “kinda” fit the duncan hornet, so this new set was for it lol. I’m ok for now since I don’t even use the raider ex. I say “kinda” because I haven’t tested all the spacers on the hornet yet. But the red pair are awesome.

I don’t need any just yet, I was just curious.

Thanks Jinjiro7for the kind offer!


Sorry for hijacking, but can I haz the spacers? :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah, I wish.
I only have the silver spacers because I got my EX’s in BST and it was modded with sanded plastic spacers. But I still want to get a whole spacer set O:

Is there any difference with the Hornet’s spacers and the Raider’s? All I know is that they basically have the same bearing size but I dont know about the spacers itself.


Now theres a guy that really needs some spacers!

The hornet and raider spacers look identical, but the diameter of the raider spacers seems to be a very tiny bit smaller than the hornet spacer. So far it doesn’t seem to matter, the red raider pair in the hornet, seem to be working great. It’s my favorite looper so far. I’ve been using it for 2 days.

But that being said, to get this setup, I had to buy a $20 hornet, and a $20 raider EX. So thats obviously too much to pay, if a person was wanting to do this from scratch. It would probably be better to buy a fully adjustable YYJ unleashed or YYF 1080, but I’ve not tried those myself.