Campfire vs Dietz

I have around $150 to spend on a yoyo. I would like an arctic circle but I don’t know if yye will have them restocked by July 16th, when I will be making my order, so I am trying to decide between a dietz or a campfire. I like the customization on the dietz with the use of side effects but I also love the campfires design. Also instead of getting one of these would a chief be better? I personally like undersized throws but would the chief be worth the $145.

I think you need to focus on what you really want. You’re mixing in the Dietz and Campfire with an AC and Chief. With the CLYW brand, you know those are not exactly easy to come by. The Dietz is fairly readily available and the side effects let you customize it further. Mind you, the campfire, while tiny, is great and plays big. By that I mean you don’t really need to adjust to it, it’s pretty much go and throw. The Dietz is also an amazing undersized as well, which I think I like a bit more than my Campfire.

Don’t let the price of the Dietz turn you away. It’s worth it.