The SHOOTiNG STAR is the latest plastic release from iYoYo and we have 5 to give away to reviewers to test out!

If you are interested in participating please share a link to one of your reviews here in this thread. New reviewers are welcome too, feel free to create a review to enter. We will pick 5 people next Monday to receive a free yoyo. The only condition is you must review the SHOOTiNG STAR once you receive it.


I’d be interested in this for sure!

Here’s a link to a couple of my reviews.

One on the Masamini 2:

And one the current Sengoku competition flagship, the Kenshin Kiwami:

These two are on Sengoku throws, but I’m down to review yoyos from any company to the best of my ability :+1:


Only done one review so far but am very much willing to get better at it!!




I am just about to start a YouTube channel. I have good camera ( a Canon eos 600 d ) and I would be happy to make cool videos and Fotos of it in front of the ocean to put them in the review

Or maybe in the night with stars :thinking:

Im just waiting for my new atlas could make a review of that one

Sure, I would be interested. Here’s a link no to one video (my most recent review), as requested:


Give one to @Roy_Dodge


I have two already and my informal review is this: It is a terrific entry in the plastic yoyo category. IMO, it belongs in the same conversation as the Recess First Base, the Speedaholic, and the YYF Replay Pro.


How long do we have to send a video?

Do I have to record a video of me talking about it or can I type it out and post a video of me using the yo-yo on Instagram ?

Honestly I’m not the biggest fan of video reviews. There’s usually a lot of info I don’t really need to know so I prefer more of the highspeed yoyo review style because I can skip to the parts I’m interested in. Here’s a quick review I did for the caveman go.


Is this a video review, or a text review?

Here’s my review of the Shutter Wide Angle on YYE:

I originally got this yoyo as a b-grade for an anodization flaw, but it has still become a daily player, if not my #1 throw. This yoyo manages to be good at finger-spins (probably good at horizontal if I could haha) and technical tricks despite the extra width. The colors it comes in are some of the best anno combos I have seen for a yoyo at this price point, and it is solid throw. Shutter Wide Angle would also be a very good yoyo to get multiple of for competing, if you do that sort of thing. The only negative I can think of is that if you already have the Shutter that this might feel a little repetitive. I don’t personally have a shutter but that it what I might think would happen. Also, if you aren’t a fan of wide yoyos, check out the Shutter.

TL;DR/Summary: If you’re new to unresponsive, or just are craving a new throw, this is where it’s at.


Hey I can actually contribute to this.

Here’s a review I made on the CLYW Wish, I have videos on the CLYW Chief and the Ineffable Throws Saber as well.

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Here’s my review on the Taurus…
I basically do reviews on my YouTube channel in HINDI but I’m comfortable in doing them in English too…!
This is one of my older videos and definitely I’ve improved in making reviews … (as I’ve upgraded my setup recently) hoping for the best :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: ig : @indian.yoyoer

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Here’s one of my reviews:

I guess I’m the only channel that reviews yoyos periodically here in Brazil. This Shooting Star looks really nice!


You have until Monday, the 17th.

Video or written reviews are both fine. As long as you post them here on the forums. :+1: