(21+) Come out to Sellwood Public House (8132 Southeast 13th Avenue Portland, OR 97202) on Thursdays for Portland’s newest Yoyo club, Thursday Night Throwdowns! Every Thursday night from 5-8pm (happyhour until 7pm). There are cheap drinks, awesome staff, and fantastic food. Come share and learn with us, have some laughs, and perhaps a few drinks. See you there!

SPH (bar):

Sounds fantastic.
Too bad im in Canada.

TNT happening tonight!! Come by, have a few drinks, share a few tricks, and meet some chill people!

Who is going to come by tonight?? I would love to see some new faces!!

Jan 19th! Tonight is Thursday!!

I’d go but I’m only 12 :frowning:

my point exactly.

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Alcohol and spinning objects on a string being thrown around.

I think there might be some YouTube potential here.

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I think you should allow people who are Under 21.
You’d have 3-4X more People coming in.
Most throwers are about Under 21 and about 20-30% of the community is Over 21.
I mean Unless theirs nudity or Sexual “Things” happening I don’t find it a problem.
Some alcohol shouldn’t restrict it.
I mean they’re eventually gonna drink Alcohol and its not super inappropriate.
Or have a “area” for them to throw.
Its a great idea just the age restriction isn’t so fun.

Well, honestly I only know people over the age of 21 that throw. You would be surprised. On top of that we hold these at a bar. The bar owner gives us permission to use the back area every week. Plenty of people show up, we don’t exactly miss the 3-4x more people. It’s a very nice vibe.

I am a mature 18 year old who does not drink (other than coke or pepsi, hehe) and I have a friend who is 22, could we possible come or would that be a no for me?

Under Oregon liquor laws (OLCC) it would be illegal for you to come in. If the bar owner was a friend of mine then maybe. But hey, at least you don’t have too long to wait, right?

Well even when I do become of legal age I do not intend on drinking anyway, hehe. Oh well, thanks for letting me know then.

@slade Riggs do you live near portland?

No, on my profile it says that I live in North Carolina, but I will be very close to portland in Febuary so that is why I was asking quesions about it.

For pnwr?

Yes PNWR, I plan on competing.

I’d compete but I’m not that good. Hope to see you there.

I will most definitly be there, I have allready bought plane tickets so…no turning back, hehe. I wont be hard to miss…about 6’ 4", wearing a vest, and I have a long ponytail…quite a picture I do paint don’t I?