Woooooord up.  Milk!!!  I like comments. ::slight_smile:


My milk and I thank you.

give me that milky
nice video

how many glass of milk did you drink everyday to be like that?? LOL


Lol that’s funny!

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kewl. how long have u been yoyoin?

I loved it. No funny video editing, just plain old awesome yoyo tricks. Often when I say I like a video, I more or less don’t really mean it, but you really are a great yoyoer and I really loved the video. :slight_smile:

Too bad I could do all those tricks better. Even after I just woke up after sleeping on my hands and they’re all numb and tingly.

Just kidding. Wish I was half that good. Loved the regen thing at around 1:00. That was stylish. And the interruption at about 2:00 was just classy. Those little things like that make all the difference.