Cal States Predictions?!

If Eric does win, I’ll be rootin’ for 'im. Massachussetts represent

Ik kurti is good, but anyone remember rojas?
or gentry?
or zach
or eric

I totes forgot about Dirty Kurti! He will def place!!

As for Zach and Anthony, both aren’t registered therefore wont compete.

I had a dream last night that James Reed won… If he goes clean he can definitely get top 3

Why no Jensen Kimmitt? I want my Jensen Kimmitt. I deserve to watch him entertain me with his flowy combos. I paid good money for this. I want a refund!!!

Oh balls, cereal?
Well, looks like Eric’s gunna have to take 1stt

Top 5 in no particular order: Gentry Stein, Ky Zizan, Michael Kurti, Nate Dailey, and Eric Koloski. Probably Paolo Bueno and Kevin Nicholas could be 5 and 6.

Eric, you did a great job, yesterday! it was Awesome seeing you guys go. Had a great time. it was nice talking to you as well.

By the way the new Cyborg pre-release is Sweet! I am so happy I snagged it! it also look so cool with the black viper’s!!

Cheers and congrats!


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Patrick B.'s 3A performance was off the charts


^ Second that!


After watching the top 5 videos from Cal states over at yoyonews:

…all I can say is the following:

If you do nothing else this week, watch those top 5 performances. More bangers than you can shake a stick at, each one is 2 minutes of all-killer-no-filler. I need to start practicing more…

If you don’t want to sit through them all, then just support our fellow forum hombre.

Swag. Eric I know what I said:

But you did me proud. Darn proud.  ;D

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erik that was the most fun i have had watching a routine since the ymca offstring routine at worlds

Wheres Michael Nakamura’s 4A video? That was one of the best freestyles I’ve ever seen.