C3yoyodesign presents the KROWN.st 7068!


This is the 6th signature model of Shinya Kido and the 5th generation of the C3yoyodesign KROWN series - The KROWN.st 7068!

C3 worked closely with Shinya to make adjustment to the latest KROWN model to perfectly fit Shinya’s evolving style. They machined the body from 7068 aluminum and slightly increased the weight from 64.1g(7075 version) to 64.9g for a more powerful spin. The newly designed steel rims give it an explosive feel on the string with impressive speed, stability, and spin time!

C3 thought of everything to make this the ultimate competition model. From the angular shape and wide high catch to the little details like the pre-installed Titanium axle and C3 JP Pads. The KROWN.st 7068 was built to perform!


This is nice, but be warned, it is a SUPER hard V. Like… sharp.

(Tyler) #3

Reminds me of the Marco with the hard V metal rim look


Marco bigger and wider, also the V edges on it are far more rounded / softer :wink: Krown kinda hurts to play with TBH :rofl: it’s super aggressive V


Why the .st?


My guess is that the st is for “steel” as this is the first bimetal in the Krown series that I’m aware of.


Why do you have vs so much???


I don’t mind V, I’m just letting people know this one is a super strong / sharp V. It is hardcore mode V :wink:


Looks really nice, but painful too


Ah… I see. At the momEnt I really like them…


Yes the .st is for Steel, but this is the second bimetal krown. This new version has some weight distribution and design tweaks with a 7068 aluminum body.


Those look dope I want one so bad but I cannot justify that purchase so I’m gonna have to hold off

(Victor) #13

If you like V-shaped yo-yos, this is a must. It’s one of the best, if not the best, bimetal I’ve ever tried. You will not be disappointed. But it is sharp, as Codinghorror pointed out.


Confirm, this is pinnacle alpha V shape.