C3 yoyo design signature yoyo Electric Flash

Augie’s new throw -

From Facebook:

Electric Flash – Signature design for Team C3yoyodesign USA , the USA National Champion Augie Fash!!!

Augie want his yoyo have solid feeling and play smooth with high speed. Meanwhile, Trident is one of Augie’s favorite C3 yoyos. So we use Trident as the blueprint of Electric Flash . By increasing the diameter and redesign the weight distribution to achieve Augie’s preferences.

Electric Flash 's special Rim design provide an inertia to speed up especially for front style and chopsticks tricks.
Augie will rock with Electric Flash in US National stage . Come to say hi5 with Augie and try his new signature!!!

Electric Flash will be 1st release in Yoyoexpert!!!

Spec of Electric Flash
Weight: 68.6grams
Width: 43.35mm
Diameter: 55.76mm
Gap width: 4.320mm
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width): .250 x .500 x .187 in
Bearing : Center Trac Bearing
Gap Type: Fixed Response: Silicon sticker / flowable silicon

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Mildly disappointed they didn’t call it ‘Electric Fash’.

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;D @ Links

I suspect more than a few of us are mildly worried about dat weight. But I’ve said recently to a few people that there’s room in a person’s case for a full-sized solid, stable, powerfully-spinning performer. This may very well be that throw for some of us!

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I’m soooo not worried about the weight. This has just bounded towards the top of my yoyo-wants list. Color me excited. Out of curiosity, for someone without the book of faces, is there a release date?

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Colorways are just ok, and it’s a bit heavy, but then again that makes it unique compared to most yoyos these days so it will be a nice addition to most collections.

From the Boss this.

I had the chance to play this today. Very well made yoyo. It looks just like a full size Trident (my all time fav C3) It plays a tad lighter than the weight would suggest. This will be a winner for sure!!

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Boss to this. Sorry my keyboard is really lagging and the modify short cut won’t work.

Does it have a nice igr like the trident? Then it will be my next purchase. Or is a price point out yet?

Yes it does!!! It is almost exactly the same!!!

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I wish the advertisement was different. I’d like a better look at a few of the colors that are faded in the photo…the red and blue. I get the gist, but a clearer photo of those would be better.

Also, I would not call someone the USA 1A National Champ, if they are not the reigning Champ. I get the point and all, but I think that could use a change. The championship might change hands soon, so maybe they are sending us a message. :-\

Any idea yet on what it will retail for ?

Its on YYE already


Wish C3 did more blasts. Their approach to finishes really makes colours pop, but I still like to grind from time to time. :smiley:

So there’ve been a few threads lately with stuff about brand loyalty and so on. Well I’m going to degrade myself here a minute by saying that I’d buy almost anything with Augie’s name on it, and frankly I was gutted the Catalyst didn’t have more of an input from him cause I thought it was excellent, and is my favorite YYF thus far (no Ricochet yet though - here’s hoping!). His stage presence and throwing style would both be things I would aspire to were I ever to compete. Everyone has their little yoyoing ‘hero’ and he would be mine. In particular those darned smooth repeating chopstick tricks… oh for some yoyoing skill.

I hear that, Joe. It always comes back to Augie, dunnit? :smiley:


Yeah, I’m realizing I’m a sucker for anything with Augie, vsnyyc or sturm panzer written on it. Maybe I need to get out more :wink:

Maybe try some ya know. Jekyll&Hyde.

C3 4 LYFE!!!

But seriously though, C3 has been putting out some really good stuff. Anybody else remember people wishing the Trident was modified a bit? Their wishes have been granted with the Electric Flash. Kind of disappointed they didn’t use Electric Fash.

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