Hey guys! I’m looking to sell some stuff to pay for my flight to PNWR. Paypal is preferred. No trades right now, sorry. Shipping is $5 for one yo-yo, free if you buy more than one. Continental US only. More pics available on request.
SPYY 2012 WYYC Edition Orbitron 5000- $95 $90
Very near mint, tiny tiny grey pinpricks. You have to look really closely to find them.

C3 Halo- $40 $35
Some small scuffs and a pencil mark I wasn’t able to get off. Slight vibe, not bad.

C3 Di Base- $40 $35
Scuffs and small dings all around edges. Slight vibe, not bad. Tight bearing seat. Comes with weight rings.

Crucial Milkshake- $44
Some minor 4a scratches, nothing serious. I think it plays best with a flat bearing, but if you prefer the Crucial grooved I can swap that in.

Thanks for looking!