Buying Orange 100% Polyester String

Alright, what it says on the topic I was planning to buy some orange strings. I am willing to pay $5-10 for pairs of orange strings. The reason why I can’t buy it from the site because my parents won’t let me. So I was wondering of buying strings through mail.

Tip: I want to purchase new string that is not worned out or not been used.

well some of the best strings you can buy by doing this is PFstrings or perfect fit strings,they are made by our very own can give her a PM here: http: //;u=262
and she can send you these strings at a low price!
Also here are some reviews on this string:,1426.0.html,1408.0.html,1032.0.html

hope this helps!

You can buy from here through the mail also. Just contact André about it.

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