Buy my frisbees! Or trade for em

Hey all!

I’m here peddling frisbees for either yoyos or cash. I want to shrink my collections of both, so i’d love to trade a lot of anything for a higher end yoyo. Or sell them!

Really looking for a MMC, a Wildfire, a TiVayder, and offers! Also down to sell!

We’ve got 2 Champ Aviars, a Legacy Grinder, Tour Series Fierce and Luna. Fx2. Firebird. Eagle x2. Thunderbird. Shryke. Fighter. Full Turn Navigator. Saint Pro. Monarch. Mako3. First Run Evader. Raider. And a Wraith.

If you’re somebody who has been on the fence about getting into disc golf, hit me the eff up! This is not all the stuff I have and I would be HAPPY to set up a yoyoer with a starter set for a damn good deal!


don’t have a wildfire but curious to see what discs you have to offer, im a fan of discraft, innova, discmania

Updated OP. I was trying to get a Wildfire for that dude that got scammed, so if you think of anyone who would be down, send them here.

Also down to hear other offers though. I have enough plastic to make everyone happy



Yo Bro haha I really appreciate you trying to find a wildfire for me. But you don’t have to do that. Thanks so much tho! Hope you move some of these discs!

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Figured i’d cover the frisbee to yoyo market for ya lol

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Gotta get up and down

Circle 2 Bump for Birdie

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Bump Putt2

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