Butterfly Painting/Clear Coat

I painted a Duncan Butterfly with acrylic paint that I have, I will attach pictures, and I was wondering if there was a way I could do a clear coat. How could I do a clear coat and what would the advantages be?

Also any suggestions for next time?
I have an Imperial that is just asking to be done Spiderman style, and afterall butterflies are easy to find and inexpensive to mess around with.

I’ve painted yoyos with acrylic before and the paint chipped off with play. I think I clear coat would help prevent that.
Anyways that’s really cool it looks like its made of stone.

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Go to a store like Lowes, or Home Depot. Any place that sells Spray paint.

Get some “Clear Enamel…”

AKA- Clear spray paint.

I use it for all my paint jobs, after I’m finished.

If its nicely applied, it will turn out with a somewhat shiny glossy coat.


Here is an example after a clear coat if applied correctly. Sometimes I don’t get this glossy texture, sometimes I do.

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Very nice. I like the textured look.

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Thanks! I wasn’t really going for a textured look, but it worked out pretty well.

I’ve found high-gloss polyurethane works very well. Takes a while to dry, and may take more than one coat, but the end result is incredible.

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Is that a brush on or a spray? And where would I go to find it?

Did you consider what I mentioned? Its in spray, and can be found almost amywhere.

And good suggestion Yoyospirit… But if it takes more than one coat, and a while to dry. It doesnt sound like the best thing.

Clear enamel you can do one coat, dries in 10-15 mins, then add a second and just let it sit for a while and your done!

Brush. Only takes around 2-3 coats, and dries in 24 hours, wait the full 24 hours before touching it. Learned this the hard way :stuck_out_tongue: And maddog, I’ve tried the enamel spray too, and have found the polyurethane to be more successful.

Yeah, but since Yoyospirit is talking a brush coat than I will use that since I would have to go out side to spray (ventilation, not making a mess) so I will try to find that.

Any chance you can give me an idea where to get the paint Yoyospirit or even just show me a picture of it? I am probably going to JoAnn Fabrics and Walmart anyway while Christmas shopping, but I could go somewhere else if it isn’t completely out of the way.

Edit: Is this what your talking about?

Yep! Walmart has it.

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Perfect, than that’s what I’m going with. Thanks!

Or your favorite hardware store or building supply store, such as Lowes or Home Depot.

BTW - you can get polyurethane in a spray can as well.