I honestly have no idea what you guys mean when you say it.
Can i have a discription please?

When a post goes off of the front page, it isn’ likely to be seen anymore, so it needs a post to bring it back to the front page. That post is a bump

Basically what Q said, though some people say it stands for bring up my post, I think it’s just a coincidence

it gets annoying when people keep bumping after weeks of no replies… you would think they would come to the conclusion no one is replying

New people join everyday. At some point, someone is going to be interested and respond


Also, as the moderators prefer, all offers are made through pm, so they might be getting offers, but an outsider wouldn’t know it

and pretty much like q said so if your post is not being viewed anymore it will go to the top of the front page therefore it will be viewed.

Ok sweet. Makes a ton of sense now.
Thank you!