Bug with the "Learn" button at top of page

When I mouse over the “Learn” button, I have a graphical glitch where the list goes haywire and flashes the Shopping list, making it impossible to use the “Learn” link.

Web Browser: Firefox Nightly x64 17.0a1
OS: Windows 7

Works ok from Linux - suse 11.4, firefox 14.01.

I’ll try it later tonite from my windows side.

if you click on the learn button instead of waiting for the drop down list it brings you to a page with links to all the videos

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You’re using a nightly build of Firefox and complaining to us about glitches? Dear sir or madam, it would be in your best interest for you to redirect your sentiments to the Firefox build team.

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Dear sir or madam, this may be a bug with the Yo-yo Expert site and I’m informing anyone who may know the cause of it or may be able to fix the problem.

Ahhhh, I see said the carpenter as he picked up his hammer and…

Yes I missed that part. Makes perfect sense, as people using the current release are not reporting problems.


Yes, it is a problem because of a Nightly build. I apologize for directing my rage to mrcnja, as I should’ve saw more deeply into the problem before posting.

Might I ask why you use that rather than a stable version? Unless you are a developer or a tester, what’s the point? Bleeding edge dev software is fraught with problems. (Yeah, I know, so is the production release ;))

I really have no idea.