Learn section doesn't work

Is it just me or doesn’t videos in Learn section work?

it happened for me too. I havn’t checked in a week or so, though.

You have to have Adobe Flash Player downloaded.

No offense but it’s like telling me to get a web browser ^^

O_O what browser are you using at the moment?

Firefox, i have Flash installed and i get the PLAY button but when i press it nothing happes, there’s just a black square

I have firefox also…same conditions exactly as kiberkiller.

Do you have the plugin for Firefox?
(Also, hi fellow yoyoing swede! :D)

Ofttop: Hej, where do you buy your yoyo’s because i can’t fin a SINGLE yoyo store in sweden.

Well, the only store in Sweden that has some decent yoyos is Fler Bollar I Luften in Stockholm. But if you’re past the intermediate section, you will want to order one from the US.

OnT: The videos work fine for me in Firefox…

I found the solution, everyone who have the problems with videos on firefox need to disable AdBlock.

or you could look up the vidios on youtube it might work

that happens to me sometimes i just refresh the page or go out of it and back in and it usually works

dont bring bak old threads