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When you click a picture to see full size its always behind the video. Either bring it to front or make it change the actual picture in the top left. Not that big of a deal. Just a suggestion

Not sure what you are talking about. I just clicked on a few different yoyo’s in the store and it was in a small popup window with the option to see all other view points of it. What video?

Maybe it’s been fixed. Or otherwise, it seems may be browser/OS specific. Take a look at the HM Pro.

On my home system (Suse Linux 10.x , older firefox), the video does block the image. Tried it today on Windows w/firefox and IE and it looks ok. Also ok on a Suse Linux 11.4 w/firefox 6.x.

Win 7 and Chrome makes the videos appear over the pics (just a heads up)

just scroll up though, and then the video won’t be blocking it.

Firefox seems to be working fine with it.