BST for my 12 year old. Modded FHZ, Stryx, Lost Treasure G2 Respawn and Mongu Counterpunch

The below is what my daughter asked for me to put out there for her. I am throwing my G2 Lost Treasure Respawn in the mix as she has decided the only thing she wants is a Watermelon RBC and I know the below won’t cut it. So if you’re interested, I’ll trade heavily in your favor.

My awesome daughter that only likes unresponsive and told me responsive yoyoing is stupid tried out my RBC. She has retracted her words and told me she wants to trade her yoyos for a Watermelon RBC (I am so proud to see her interested in yoyoing and the BST as corny as that sounds.)

The goods:

Silicone recessed Duncan FHZ. Has a hairline in it on the orange side that can’t be felt nor does it effect play. I got it as a freebie from beezy I think and gave it to her. Apparently she’s not into old school vibes, lol.

Duncan Stryx - It was her pride and joy favoritest yoyo ever. And apparently that means nothing to her now, lol. It’s near mint to be safe.

Duncan Mongu Counterpunch - I gave her this one a while back because I don’t know what Mongu is but he looks cool. Same, near mint to be safe.

What she is after:

  1. A Watermelon RBC

I’ll ship them for her obviously and provide tracking.


Had to make some edits. She only wants a watermelon RBC now. I don’t blame her, they are gorgeous.

My G2 Respawn is on the table as I don’t see her landing what she needs with what she has. If you have a Watermelon RBC you’re willing to part with and none of this interests you, please hit me up, I’ll take care of you for helping me out.

I got a line one one that I can buy, I just have to wait for some yoyos to come in from a trade that I can sell so I can buy it for her, but I figure if this works out, she’ll get one and I’ll buy the other, lol.


Bump it up for and RBC in Watermelon Fade