Bryan Jardin throwing crazy Freehand with KUMA Films!

The amazing Bryan Jardin (@bjardin) of Team Duncan is throwing some amazing 5A with super stylish editing thanks to KUMA films!

Enjoy the eye candy! :star_struck:


That was great! Loved all the off-axis stuff!

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KUMA has a few pretty amazing yoyo videos (as well as a lot of other really amazing videos). I love that there are talented people like them out here trying to help yoyo grow even though they don’t seem to be throwers themselves.


Yeah - they really know how to ‘showcase’ a skill exceptionally well for both people who understand that skill and those who probably wouldn’t which I love. So crucial to have people making what we do look good so other people say “Hey - I want to learn how to do that too”! :blush:

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My thoughts exactly! One of the first yoyo videos I came across after buying a cheap Butterfly at a hobby store was one of his and I literally thought “well holy crap - I want to do that”

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