Breaking in?

I’ve heard people say stuff like “I broke in my bearing.” What does this mean?

Also, my legacy bearing has recently starting making a really loud noise, is there anything i can do, besides cleaning it(i have already seen the samad post on this) to make it quieter?

well about your legacy try a drop of thin lube and breaking in your bearing is making it spin longer. like lets say when i got my hotshot it spined for 50 seconds and then i broke it in and now it spins for 1:15. to break in your bearing you have to play with your yoyos and have a good strong throw so the bearing starts to spin longer.

heh, my legacy has the exact same problem, its really loud! It’s only been two days since I last got it. I have a brand new bottle of thin lube that I ordered along with it. I’m thinking of applying some lube.

Breaking in means it will start to spin longer. Try some thin lube on your Legacy.

Not really, Breaking in is where the lube inside the bearing starts to break down.

and when the lube is gone it spins more its sort of the same thing

Exactly. SR’s definition didn’t really have the whole thing going on. Just the effect.

mattsk8nike is right. it does help it spin longer but that is the effect of it breaking in, not the breaking in part.
as for the legacy the loud sound is probably it breaking in. a drop of thin lube should quiet it down a little bit, but it is not a bad thing.

Well, the only bad thing is that it has become slightly more responsive, with the loudness. When i tug it up pretty far it will come back to my hand. Is there anywhere i can buy thin lube, not online? because i really dont want to pay as much for shipping as i do for the lube…

Not really any places that sell thin lube that are not online. But if you don’t want to pay as much for shipping as you do for the lube, buy something with the lube, like 100 pack string or a bearing, or counterweights. Or if you live in SoCal, go to BLC and pick up some thin lube there and enjoy the contest! Those are my best ideas.

My Dm has been doing this, making a really loud noise, people have said clean it but is it just the bearing breaking in and do i need to but some thin lube on it to stop the noise.

Ok, ill just order some thin lube and put it on next time i order something from here or yyn. Thanks guys.

Hey Mot5600, you can buy some lube without ordering if you have a music store nearby.

All I use if I do lube them is trumpet/french horn oil. It is very thin and works just fine!

Perhaps this helps?

Really? Cool!

yup. just go into the music store and ask for valve oil. sometimes if you ask for trumpet oil they get confused seeing as how all brass use valve oil (excluding trombone)
it shouldnt be more than a few dollars.

dont worry the legacy always make that kind of sound i have one. its jus the ball bearing spining fast maybe put some thick lube to slow it down :smiley:

dont worry about anything, my legacy was really quiet at first and then after a while it started to make some noise, but if you stick with it the legacy should start spinning longer and become more unresponsive.