Breaking Bad

Sheesh what a great finale. All loose ends were nicely tied up.

That is, of course, except for Huell…
But no one really paid attention to him.

The whole thing was beautifully executed. I especially like the scene where he ‘asks’ the Swartz to handle his drug money.

I’m very much a fan of sad endings, and this was a bit of both. The hero died, but he wound up achieving what he set out to do: support his family after he died.

Easily one of the best shows (and endings) in TV history.


What a bittersweet ending it was! But a perfect ending leaving his family blameless and free with a ton of cash! And his admission of selfish drive to do it was great. I’m impressed I thought it would have been another “lost” style ending…

one of the greatest shows of all time… the scene where Walt was saying goodbye to Sky and asked to see Holly made me tear up a little bit, it was getting kinda dusty in my place. my wife started tearing up when Walt was watching Walt Jr.

his admission to Skylar and his saving Jesse, his last goodbyes… everything was amazing. Walt died right where he was meant, where he felt “alive” in his lab. it really was a perfect ending and i applaud Vince Gilligan for being able to wrap it up and pull the trigger when it needed to be done.

plus Walt made a sentry gun out of a garage door opener and a M60, how BA is that?!

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Such an amazing show!

Great synopsis! And yeah how could I forget the gun :slight_smile: that was so slick with the tracker rounds just blazing through everyone and leaving no one to trouble his family. And the flu symptoms was a great ending of the methlymine lady (I forget her name) but Walt just slide it into her stivia it was a great off and then answered her phone call hehe.

IMO, It’s the greatest show ever.

You should check out the Breaking Bad Insider podcast. Very informative and gives you an insight to what a piece of art this show really is.