Brazilian player

Hi guys, I’m new here in the forum, my name is lucas red and I’m from Brazil, I’m Brazilian champion in the open category, my favorite category is the 5A.

this is a video I made some Tempomar’ll do another with the latest tricks

I hope to be welcome here in

thanks :wink:

Dude man that was awesome and believe me your very welcome hear. ;D

you and yoyoplayer1994 should have a video battle. pm him and ask him that would be an intense battle. :wink:

yes it wold

Aww, man, that would! I saw one of his vids and his was insane! He was the best 5a thrower that I have seen yet on this forum, but when I saw your vid, I started to wonder…
Anyways, welcome to the forum! :smiley:

I am Brazillian too!

I live in the U.S. currently, though.

Great to see a Brazillian player here. :smiley:

no brazilians in the forum
lol jk
please dont take this offensivly

Im braziian to,my name its mateus.
n sou muito bom jogador mais jogo bem.ja vi alguns videos seus,parabens jogas nuito ben,e vi seus opens
Flw qqer coisa so falar.

Hey man you’re really good. Keep it up. Im from Portugal so you could say I’m “part brazilian.”