Braintwister combo elements.


Yoyo used: Ooch yo.



wow!! this video helped me alot thanks :smiley:

wow that is cool, I should try it

Well done. Many people ask about these so…yay.

Great job!

Not intending to jack your thread:

Just wanted to share with some others who might still have problems with it.

Clap Clap Clap Jayyo, you’re the man. Totally awesome video. That’s been stumping me for a while. Thanks so much for sharing that!

You know what, I don’t care what anyone says. This thread should be sticked. I haven’t seen anyone create anything this helpfull in a really long time. It’s something beginners and experts both have trouble with, and this video helps explain it like nothing I’ve seen before.

Great work Josh, keep it up.

Please sticky this.


This is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for! I’ve always known that these combos were so simple, but I’ve always felt held back because I didn’t have the elements down, and you gave just that! Awesome video! As a suggestion, I think a supplement would be helpful breaking down the rolling/unrolling motion because I’m still a little bit fuzzy on that one. For instance, when you move your hand around the yo-yo does the string go into the gap or do you miss it? Maybe I’m making it a little bit more complicated than it really is, but it looks like there’s alot of intricate subelements in that one move. Thanks again though for a great comprehensive guide. I think just about everyone could benefit from seeing this.

You can do either way, but the rolling and unrolling involves you hitting the string each time.