Bouncy ball counterweight

How do you make a bouncy ball counterweight?

Basically drill a hole through a counterweight, then poke the cartridge of a pen through the hole and cut the excess off.


Note: do not put ball in vise before you drill.

Try a jaw breaker. This way you can yoyo; when your blood sugar gets low, give it a lick; your ready to go ;D

Keeps your energy up at contests!

Make sure you put in a big enough hole for the pen, so that way it doesn’t split when you put it in there. I have lost good bounceyballs to small holes. The reason you want a section of pen in it is so the string doesn’t eat into it and split the ball.

My ball is already split since I pun it in a vise :’(

Well just use a Lego car tire that uses those Bionicle stick things to connect to the other pieces. The hole of the wheel should look like a “+” sign.

What kind of bouncy balls are you guys using? The kind out of a little vending machine for like 50 cents? And what kind of pen tube?

some random one i got at the dentist ;D g2s have a good sized ink cartridge.