((BOUNCE BAKC)) wrist band ball vid

hey now!! i’m new to this forum but i thought i’d jump in with a link to a new video of mine if thats alright. this is a toy i got from the 99cent store one of those balls you throw and it bounces back to you. i hope you like the stuff i came up with on this cos i had tons of fun playing with it! enjoy and thanx in advance for watching my video, i will be back in the future with some yoyo videos to post soon!!!

haha, yeah, those thing are fun :slight_smile:

I have those in my room!!! LoL! :smiley:

Happy Throwing! =]

Welcome to yoyoexpert! lol i want one of those things!

Yes - Welcome to YoYoExpert. Welcome to the fun! I have one of those but, the string broke off.