Backyard Fooling Around

(major_seventh) #1

Hi Guys!  I made a quick vid with some random hip hop beat today for fun.

Let me know if you like it!  These are some of my tricks.


It’s a bit sloppy, but I just wanted to get my tricks out there without having to record multiple times  Watch in HD  8)


That was awesome ;D What Yoyo were you using?

(major_seventh) #3

Thanks! It was my Bonfire.

Put in a General-Yo flat (lubed silent) and it’s the king of chill throws.


dude that was awesome! how long have you been yoyoing?

(major_seventh) #5

First and only bump.

Any thoughts are appreciated! I wasn’t trying to make a high quality vid; just wanted to see what others thought of some of my tricks. :slight_smile:


That was GREAT! You have a really good sense of timing and rhythm (dare I say “cadence”) in your tricks. Like a well-choreographed dance, it’s not just the same speed throughout the whole thing… awesome little mid-bounce “pauses” punctuating some pretty cool combos.

Bravo! You win an internet!

(major_seventh) #7

Thanks man! I appreciate it!