BOSS 50 bucks


EVERYTHING IS FOR SALE AGAIN. At the moment the offer I had on the Madhouse isn’t getting back with me for sure.
NO TRADES If you don’t like my prices shoot me an offer.
Sorry pics are the best.

Satined 888 just normal raw yoyo wear comes with Blue Rice stacks and a Center track bearing. Minor vibe on Ricestacks but otherwise DEAD SMOOTH - 65 bucks OBO

MIB Boss its the Blue with an Aqua center light vibe not really noticeable came like that from YoyoFactory lets say- 65 bucks OBO.

Last but not least a green Madhouse Lucky 7 its got some light vibe and some light ano wear no
dings- OFFER


Pic of the Madhouse?


how much for both 888


Yes please!


Ok updates people. 888 is gone I still have the satined one. Madhouse is at the moment pending. So I have the Boss and the Satined 888.

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