Older Throws For Sale!

I’m trying to sell these quick, so make an offer and we’ll take it from there! Message me for more pics as well.

CLYW Zombie Beaver BvM (like 3 noticeable dings)

SaveDeth x SPYY TrainWreck (practically mint, bearing has some tarnish but works great)


Hayabusa (beat up from 4A play)
FHZ with 80th Anniversary Caps (has some marks/discoloration)
Echo (lots of dings)
Raptor (only a few dings)


SpeedMaker (does anyone even want this? lol)
Axiom (very beat, still fun to throw)
Legacy (scratched up/mirror caps have the color wiped off)


2009 BOSS (couple big dings, several smaller marks)
Horizon (several dings/scratches)


@Ryanm7277 bvm

Hey! How much for the TW + Speedmaker?


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