In your opinion, is the next big yoyo boom here or still afar off? Vote on the poll and post a reply with your reason.

I would say that to a yoyo boom to start there had to be like a store that only sells on every city and for the small kids there has to be like a yoyo with cartoon characters like a proyo with pokemon cap design and something would need to change people minds that even if kids yoyo, yoyoing isnt a kids game and that yoyoing is fun to do.

I was surprised to see Walgreen’s stocking the Peter Fish, which are different from the 90’s Peter Fish. That leds me to think that something maybe starting to happen, since Peter Fish is an Australian company. Read where Razor scooters is going to be releasing yoyo’s.

I remember the boom of the 90’s yoyo’s everywhere. Even had kiosks setup at the Malls with all kinds of yoyo’s. Remember going to my son’s school to watch yoyo demonstrations by SuperYO.

I think it may be starting.

i was surprized to see a lizard at toys r us

i found a store in the mall the other day with some high end yoyos they had a fiew DNA and a super start and some random midrange 40$ ones

cbus where was the mall???

I stopped by a hobby store to see if they sold string and all the had was a small $1 special display stand at the register. I asked the manager is they had string and he frowns at me and asks:

“Why does everyone want yoyo stuff all the sudden? I keep getting people in here this holiday asking about yoyos and I don’t get it”

I think the Boom is close and will really take off in a few months.

I went to a Toy R-Us and they were sold out of Freehand 2’s.

I haven’t looked recently, but last time I went to my toys R us, the best thing they had was a dragonfly, I got my speedbeetle there…

I hope this boom will be world wide.

In indonesia, theres more and more contest.
And people got more exited to se someone play yoyo.

I think there may be something brewing but it won’t really take notice for another year or two. I think much of it has to do with the downturn of the economy and parents are trying to take their kids back to simpler toys like the yoyo which are relatively cheap and can provide hours of entertainment whereas a videogame console is expensive and the games are expensive as well. We’re definitely on the right track though, which is evident with the evolution of yoyo packaging, especially with YYF, who moved away from the tiny cubes of cardboard and on to those cardboard boxes that are perfect for displaying.

I went to a mall here and they have beginner yoyos like the firedog, spinstar a few yomegas which I think will get kids started so we’re a few moments away form a boom :slight_smile:

Here’s what I see as a middle school teacher (8th grade):

At the beginning of the school year one student showed me a few yoyo tricks, and I bought one and started practicing.

As I improved, I began practicing with that student before and after classes, and after school. Students started taking notice saying “that’s so cool” etc

I put about 5 yoyos out on my desk for students to play with before and after class, during study hall, after tests, and after school.

All five yoyos are being used at any given time (besides during classes)

Several students bought Mosquitoes, FHZ’s and metal zeros.

A bunch of other teachers have noticed the influx of yoyos.

One sixth grade science teacher had a student demo some tricks for his class.

That same teacher showed a “yoyo man” tutorial video (Smuckers brothers) and had me talk with his students about how friction is used in yoyos.

Now 6th graders are asking 8th graders to help them learn.

Several students are in my classroom every day after school yoyoing and wanting to learn more, they have asked me to start an official club at the school, the club will start in two weeks.

The monthly Indy Yoyo meet had almost 3 times as many people as usual in February, mostly middle school aged kids, but there were all age groups.

The local Walmart has been sold out of yoyos twice since Christmas, and has tripled their inventory and added new items besides butterflies and imperials

The Walgreens is nearly sold out of their stock as well (they have already had to order new Luminators)

Two students told me just today that I started a “yoyo craze.” (Truly, the credit goes to the student who introduced me)

So I am confident that the boom has come, and will continue to grow this year. At least for this small town in central Indiana

WHERE?!?!?!? Please tell me!!

I definatly think that the craze is on its way back around. It is a slow start here in aus I think especially in the area I live but I am trying my hardest to spread the yoyo madness.

I know Japan is hyping yoyo once again like 1998.  It is getting sponsor by YYF, Duncan and Yomega. Those are some exclusive yoyo already printed in Japan by YYF Hyper Comet, Duncan Wood Bullet, and Yomega Monster Shell.  Bandai are getting on board as well by producing something called Cross Dragon yoyo which I suspected an updated version of the Hyper Dragon.

Japanese Hyper Yo-Yo 2010 Commercial

Hyper Yo-Yo Demo - World Hobby Fair Nagoya Event

We are close I can taste it. Lol!
I got like 5 of my schoolmates to yoyo, but not by forcing. Then 1 quited.

Dan that yoyomeeting was PACKED. It was so full that some people had to yoyo outside of the room. The March one will be even bigger!