Book Review


Serious, this is on topic.

First, some over-view. My boy’s birthday is coming up this Saturday, September 15th. He’ll be 6. He’s been throwing about as long as I have, sorta. He started, stopped, started again, stopped, but now he’s pretty much into it, also he’s rifling through my cases, playing $100+ throws on a regular basis. He likes playing with full length strings. He’s doing 1A, 5A and some 4A. He’s interested in 2A and will no doubt get into 3A as well. He’s got own growing collection, which includes some low-cost metals, plastics and I think his top dollar throw is a DM2. For his birthday, he’s got an Audley Photon Spirit, Magic YoYO T10, YYJ Classic(or two) and a new YYF Champion Editions G-Funk. I have to silicone the Classic that has arrived and pop in the Crucial Grooved bearing I picked out for this one. I want his throws ready to go on the 15th.

So, as a parent, as some of you may know, parents will read to their kids.

Today’s selection:
Phineas and Ferb: showdown at the YoYo Corral. I was not aware that this book existed in this house. No idea he picked it out. Lots of surprises.

In short, if you’re familiar with the typical Phineas and Ferb theme: Boys do something insanely amazing, their sister keeps trying to get them busted for it, and at the last second, whatever the boys were working on always magically vanishes. Also, we have the typical hero vs villain sub-plot, which I think is mainly done to pad the stories.

Without going into the story in detail, the main story revolves around a yoyo battle done in an old western show-down style. The lead up is a bunch of talking smack, but ends in friendship.

So, for all of you looking to entertain your kids with yoyo-oriented books, this might be a good one to pick up. $6, paperback. Completely illustrated, large text.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to silicone a couple of new YYJ Classics.


when i have children, i’ll just entertain them with my yoyo skills. ;D


If (and if) I have kids, there going to learn to throw before they can read :wink: